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Many of the authors are members of the Institute for Behavior and Health's Random Student Drug Testing Research Network.

This group of school administrators, educators, nurses and drug testing providers meets bi-monthly via teleconference to discuss current RSDT issues, innovative ideas and research.

If you work with a school with RSDT and are interested in joining the network, please contact IBH at contactus@ibhinc.org.


History of a Successful RSDT Program
Lisa Brady, Superintendent, Hunterdon Central Regional High School

Hunterdon Central Regional High School in Flemington, NJ began its nationally recognized and highly successful RSDT program in 1997, paving the way for many other schools starting RSDT programs. This article offers insight and lessons learned related to the history of Hunterdon Central's program including information about how they face legal challenges and continue to evaluate and update the RSDT policy. Download Hunterdon Central - A Historical Perspective [PDF].


Middle School Drug Testing
Bill Trusheim and John Graf, Pequannock School District

"In becoming the first middle school in New Jersey to implement a RSDT Program, Pequannock Valley School and the Pequannock School District weighed the potential negative connotations against the potential benefits for students. After considerable study and experience with RSDT, we are convinced that the potential benefits far outweigh the negatives. Our experience leads us to believe that once understood, RSDT becomes part of the culture of a school. This happened quickly at Pequannock Valley School and our students not only responded as volunteers for the testing pool, but also as advocates for living drug and alcohol free. We also believe that middle school testing sets a strong foundation for RSDT at the high school level and that the effects of the program are lasting. By engaging in a research project with the Partnership for a Drug Free New Jersey, we hope to be able to contribute to scientific knowledge about the effectiveness of RSDT as a viable deterrent to drug and alcohol use. We further believe that RSDT provides students with a source of positive peer pressure to live safe and healthy lives free of abuses from drugs and alcohol." Read the full article Middle School Drug Testing [PDF].


Handling Positive Random Drug Tests
Branden Johnson, Drug Prevention Technician

Based on his experience working directly with students in schools with RSDT, Branden Johnson explores the options schools have after a student's random drug test result is read as positive in The Aftermath [PDF]. He also discusses ideal follow-up testing procedures in Testing During the Aftermath [PDF].


What to Ask of a Drug-Testing Provider
Steve Cooper, S&A Services, Inc.
Harvey Graves, Pinnacle Medical Management Corporation

Harvey Graves and Steve Cooper each put their spin on what schools need to ask when interviewing potential drug-testing providers for RSDT programs. Read Graves' Choosing a Service Agent [PDF] and Cooper's Selecting a Service Provider for your RSDT Program [PDF].


An International Perspective: RSDT in Sweden
Per Johansson, Secretary General of RNS, Sweden

In Fall 2008, Landskrona became the first city in Sweden to introduce RSDT in a public school. Read about how the program developed in the article Random Student Drug Testing Begins in Sweden [PDF].